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#Somaliland: On Oct 8, Mohamed Adan Dirir was sentenced to 18 months in prison after publishing a critical article. @pressfreedom is alarmed by reports that he is not getting proper medical attention for a head injury he sustained while in prison.

— CPJ Africa (@CPJAfrica) January 18, 2018

- (Jan 07) Somaliland: court jails two journalists for 2 years (Borame)
- (Oct 8) Somaliland: court gives journalist Dirir one year and a half jail sentence
- (Sep 25)Somaliland police arrests journalist for 2nd time in a year (alleastafrica)
- Somaliland and media freedom: It's time to Respect the freedom of Expression

    Current News Links- Updated Jan 20

  1. UN Migration Agency Holds Training on Trafficking and Irregular Migration in Somaliland
  2. CGTN Exclusive Interview with Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi (video)
  3. The Gaboye of Somaliland - Vitturini
  4. Puntland state assembly holds an emergency session over Tukaraq location
  5. Somaliland:Umalkhayr's story (UNICEF)
  6. Ethiopia, Somaliland aim to strengthen relationship
  7. EU & Partners launch investments in the Livestock sector in Somaliland
  8. Somaliland: Paying Tribute to Author Margaret Laurence at the Hargeisa Cultural Centre
  9. Somaliland: French Investment Possible Through Apt Tact-Amb Ali Ismail
  10. Somaliland and Djibouti People Kith & Kin - Part I
  11. Somaliland president reveals action plan to combat inflation
  12. Somalia forces demolish thousands of schools: Amnesty International
  13. 'Everywhere, someone was screaming': Meet the people running Somalia's only public ambulance service
  14. More Cash, Bigger Impacts? A Field Experiment of Cash Transfers in Somalia
  15. Somalia:Does the Number of Hours Studied Affect Exam Performance
  16. US troops help Somali forces rescue 30 children from terror camp (CNN)
  17. Preliminary experimental data to the hepatic effect of khat (Catha edulis)
  18. 41 Somali pirates finally sent home in special chartered flight (Times of India)

That freedom shall not perish....

Please contact CPJ, Reporters without Borders, IFEX, Article 19, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International if you know a journalist in jail or injured. To benefit an informed public, in an information age, in an open economy and in a democracy, citizens should fight for both, the press freedom and responsible press. In Somaliland, read more: Somaliland and media freedom: It's time to Respect the freedom of Expression and Freedom of press in Somaliland and Hubaal and Haatuf's forced closures

An Aggressive Free Press is the Only Check on Abuse of Power. Fight for Your Right to Know. Free Media Cannot be Silenced. Democracy Dies in Darkness.

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Read more:Sustainable Development Issues and Readings II

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"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - William Shakespeare, Entire play.All's Well That Ends Well.

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As a member of Dailykos progressive website, the following include some published Op-ed articles there on U.S. and Somaliland progressive issues:
1.Somaliland and media freedom: It's time to Respect the freedom of Expression
2. What to Do to Mitigate Looming Climate Change: 10 Specific Policies
3. How to Make the Corporations and the Wealthy Pay More Taxes
4. Voter Suppression: The Republican War on Voting Rights
5. How Senseless, Triumphalist Militarism Is Destroying America.
6. Ex-Muslims' Islamophobia: Few comments on the case of Ayaan Hersi Ali

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